About Us

  • VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN is a leading Publisher of Varanasi, Uttarpradesh, India, situated in the heart of City i.e. Chowk next to Chowk Police Station in 3000 Sq. feet.

  • VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN specializes in the publication of Spiritual, Religious and Literacy books in Hindi.M.M.Pt. Gopinath Kaviraj, Yogiraj Swami Vishuddhanand, Puran Purush Yogiraj Shyamacharan Lahiri, Swami Pratyagatmanand Swaraswati, Karpatriji Maharaj and several other are main authors.

  • VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN is known for the publication of Literary writings by Ramachandra Shukla, Dr. Bhagirath Mishra, Dr. Ramachandra Tiwari, Dr. Bachchan Sing and many others.

  • VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN has published books on Sanskrit Grammar, Linguistics and Sanskrit Essays by Padmashri Dr. Kapil Dev Dvivedi.

  • VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN is also known for books on Journalism and Mass Media. Their one of the latest remarkable publications is "The Rise and Growth of Hindi Journalism" by Dr. Ram Ratan Bhatnagar.

  • VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN are not only publishers. They are leading booksellers of Hindi and Sanskrit Books.

  • VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN id also known for books on Indology i.e. Indian History, Art, Culture, Ayurveda and Indian Medicine etc.

  • VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN in their Show room keep latest publications of leading Hindi publishers and maintain a huge stock of all renowned Hindi authors.

  • VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN is a ONE STOP SOLUTION to all your worlds for Hindi and Sanskrit Books published from India.


It was the year of 1950 when Shri Purushottam Das Modi of Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh, India) dreamt of a publishing house diversifying from the family traditional business of cloth due to his literary education and keen interest towards Hindi Language and Literature, Spiritual Literature, Sanskrit Language and Literature, Journalism etc. and other literary spheres. Shri Purushottam Das Modi was member of the Foundation Society of Gorakhpur University and member of the University Court and to create academic atmosphere he established VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN and initiated Scholars to write books on their subjects. He established VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN with the objective of publishing standard, quality and excellent books at affordable price. The uniqueness of VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN’s activities is that it aims as far as possible and practicable to Project India in its various hues and cultures. It is an amazing but remarkable fact that VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN’s first publication on SANSKRIT GRAMMAR i.e. Rachananuvad Kaumudi and first publication on SPIRITUAL LITERATURE i.e. Manishi Ki Lokyatra (Biography of the famous saint MAHAMAHOPADHYAYA Pt. GOPINATH KAVIRAJ) are continuously Bestsellers since last 4-5 decades. Now VVP has hundreds of quality Bestseller Publications to its credit. Today VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN, a leading Indian Publisher of Sanskrit, Hindi & English books has an impressive list of scholarly qualitative publications on wide range of disciplines. Starting from few subjects now it is serving the community through so many standard publications of so many renowned authors on so many subjects like - Hindi Language & Literature, Sanskrit Language & Literature, English Literature, Indology, History, Art & Culture, Music, Spiritual & Religious Literature, Yoga & Health, Sociology, Philosophy, Education, Economics, Geography, Information Science & Journalism, Mathematics, Physics etc.

At the time of catering the need of literary society by way of qualitative publications, it was felt that the real book lovers were unable to explore the treasure of Indian books written by variety of renowned authors, published by variety of renowned Indian Publishers on variety of subjects at one place. So with an objective to serve the society so as to make available the variety of quality Indian books published by various publishers under one roof and to stop the wandering of book lovers here and there, VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN started distribution of a wide collection/variety of books of almost all the renowned authors, published by several publishing houses on various subjects.

Now through its quality publications and astonishing distribution, it has become one of the best Indian Book Stores of its own type by way of offering a long range of books, more than any of the largest chain of superstores in India.

This Publishing and Distribution House presents the most cogent, comprehensive and prestigious list of renowned Authors with a comprehensive list of Subject Categories through which it is satisfying the needs of a large society. Subject categories like Hindi Language & Literature, Sanskrit Language & Literature, English Language & Literature, Indian Writings in English, Spiritual & Religious Literature, Indology, History, Art, Culture, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Education, Home Science, Geography, Music, Journalism, Library Science, Social Work, Ayurveda & Indian Medicines, General Interest like Sports, Health, Yoga, Children Books, Cooking, Fiction, self help & Improvement, Personality Development, Commerce, Business & Management, Computers, Dictionaries & Encyclopedia, Hobbies, Humor, Religion, Travel, Sex etc. etc.

The list is long and diverse, providing a range of extensive, authoritative and highly academic and mass appeal interest resources indispensable for all literary people, Ideologists, Sociologist, Psychologist, Politicians, Economists, Professionals, Individuals, Students, Institutions, Colleges, Libraries, Business Houses, Corporate, Service Men etc. etc.

Today, VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN is well established organisation of long standing and experience for about 5 decades. We offer books from hundreds of publishers. Huge inventory of books is available in ready stock and we have a very efficient procurement service system with other publishers.

The organisation is one of the few publishing houses that have their in house printing facility.
A large show-room in 3000 square feet in the heart of eternal city VARANASI, The Cultural, Religious and Spiritual Capital of India, has a vast collection of books of a wide range of discipline, more than 30000 titles are neatly arranged to proud ample browsing facility to the buyers.
VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN, established in 1950, at GORAKHPUR published the Biography of Pt. Gopinath Kaviraj before coming to VARANASI and through this Biography Pt. Gopinath ji Kaviraj inspired its founder Shri Purushottam das Modi in developing his interest in history and culture of VARANASI specially in Saints, Yogi and Literary Persons of KASHI i.e. VARANASI. This inspiration brought Shri Purushottam Das Modi to Varanasi resulting the shifting of the publishing house from Gorkhpur to Varanasi. The renowned and remarkable publications of Dr. Motichand’s Kashi Ka Itihas, Pt. Baldeo Upadhyaya’s Kashi Ki Panditya Parampara, Vishwanth Mukherjee’s Bana Rahe Banaras and Bharat Ke Mahan Yogi (in 10 parts-5 vols.), Dr. Harishankar’s Kashi Ke Ghat : Kalatmak Evam Sanskritik Adhyayan, Dr. Sarit Kishori’s Varanasi Ke Sthan-Namon Ka Sanskritik Adhyayan, Kunwar ji Agrawal’s Kashi Ka Rang Parivesh & many more, besides this in English Havell’s Benares : The Sacred City, Republication of the famous James Princep’s Benares Illustrated (which was earlier published in 1831). In this way Indology, i.e. History, Culture etc. are the main areas of publication of VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN.

VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN also has a special section on Journalism. There are so many important books published on JOURNALISM written by so many renowned authors in Hindi & English, like Dr. Nand Kishore Trikha, Dr. Arjun Tiwari, Kashinath Govind Joglekar, Narayan Vyankatesh Damale, Dr. Baldev Raj Gupta etc.

VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN is having the glory of publishing the books of renowned authors who have been recognised by many awards & recognitions like Pt. GopiNath ji Kaviraj, Pt. Baldev Upadhyaya, Dr. Vishwanath Mukherjee, Dr. Kapil Deo Dwivedi, Dr. Bhanu Shankar Mehta, Dr. Bachchan Singh, Dr. Viveki Rai, Shri Kubur Nath Rai, Dr. Shri Prasad, Dr. Badari Nath Kapoor, Dr. Ram Chandra Tiwari, Dr. Parmeshwari Lal Gupta, Dr. Rajbali Pandey, Dr. A.K. Narain, Dr. Marutinandan Tiwari, Dr. ShriRam Goel, etc.

For last 50 years VISHWAVIDYALAYA PRAKASHAN has set examples, so step-in, telephone, fax or e-mail your requirements and a prompt reply/supply is already there.